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Savonia (Savo) is located in Eastern Finland. The Savonian food culture includes especially bread and fish in many forms. The Savonian people are known for their warm ovens and therefore many of the Savonian traditional foods are oven dishes. The Savonian rye bread is thicker and more sour than its Western Finnish cousin, and the Savonians are known for their multiple ‘rieska’ bread types too. One of the most known Savonian delicacies is ‘kalakukko’. Since the local landscape is dominated by a number of lakes, fish foods are especially common. Vendace fish is a part and parcel of both Savonian everyday and feast dishes.

List of dishes

Northern Savonia


Southern Savonia

The Southern Savonian foods consist of plain and simple ingredients. The food culture has been influenced by both Karelia, North Savonia and Tavastia.